Drawing Out The Self

by: Irene Dewdney and Linda Nicholas

This book describes how the Objective Approach to Art Therapy was developed by Selwyn and Irene Dewdney, a husband and wife team, who began their work with patients at psychiatric hospitals in London, Ontario, in the 1940s. Their art therapy approach grew out of certain philosophical, artistic and social influences. Over several decades, these initial ideas were challenged and refined, as they worked with hundreds of clients, students of art therapy, and other health care providers. The approach continues to grow organically, on through to the present day.

This book is intended for student and professional art therapists, as well as other therapists and psychology professionals who are interested in the value of visual communications. Non-professionals who want to investigate the interesting connections between visual and verbal insight will also find the book interesting.  For more information about Drawing Out The Self please visit www.drawingouttheself.com

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