Eligibility requirements for Registration with the Ontario Art Therapy Association.

  1. The applicant must be a professional member in good standing with the Ontario Art Therapy Association for a minimum of six months prior to the beginning of the application process.

  2. The applicant must provide a record of 1000 paid direct client art therapy hours required for registration of which no more than 500 are to be accumulated in private practice.  For the purpose of registration these hours are accumulated only after graduating from an Art Therapy Institute and are to be paid direct client art therapy hours.  These hours are to be supervised by an approved registered art therapist.

  3. All registered art therapist providing supervision for candidates must be approved by OATA standards.  The supervisor must have registration status for at least 2 years be currently practicing in the field of art therapy and being good standing with of the OATA or AATA. The designated supervisor must complete an application form.

  4. If the applicant is accumulating hours from more than one agency or has several art therapy supervisors they should be aware of the documentation and signatures required at the time of termination to alleviate the problem of acquiring these later the appropriate forms are provided in the registration package and can be requested from the registration chair if required in advance.

  5. The supervision requirements are as follows:
    Agency one hour of supervision for every 20 hours of individual or group work
    Private Practice one hour of supervision for every 10 hours of individual or group work.

  6. This application must be completed in full and to the best of the applicant's knowledge.  If the package is incomplete or incorrect  the registration committee cannot proceed and the package will be declined.

    A $40 administration fee is charged for the initial submission and any re-submissions.

  7. The applicant is required to keep a copy of his/her submission package for safekeeping.

  8. If play therapy is incorporated in any of the art therapy sessions only one half of that session can be counted towards art therapy direct client hours.

  9. All applicants are required to have professional liability insurance a copy of this insurance must be included with the application submission.  If the applicant is employed by an agency a letter of confirmation is required to state insurance coverage important all registered OATA members must maintain annual professional liability insurance or their membership with the association becomes void.

    NOTE: Registration status is calculated on a point system.  A point system mapping document can be obtained through the Registration Chair. 

  10. It is required that applicants keep all receipts of conferences workshops and seminars attended these are submitted with the registration package.

  11. It is required that applicants provide proof of workshops seminars and professional papers that they have presented as well as any committee experience with an art Therapy organization.

  12. If an applicant has received personal therapy 10 sessions or more a confirmation letter and receipt from the therapist is required.

The portfolio should be emailed to registration at

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